Sep. 24th, 2010 02:17 am
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Lookie!!!! I haz a Dreamwidth!!! HOORAY!!!

*like I need ANOTHER form of communicatio to keep up with*

And this journal, UNLIKE THE LJ ONE, is not going to ever be made aware of to my friends i know IRL. Because sometimes an Imp just needs a place free of people that are going to call and harass you after a rant post about something they did...for example someone recently renamed everyone is my phone book as characters from a popular book series...RIGHT AFTER I'D JUST GOTTEN EVERYONE BACK IN AFER MY PHONE HAD BEEN STOLEN!!!

And I'm sorry but I don't think that's funny. At all. Particularly after they and another friend had just spent like half an hour torture tickleing me. And they kept going after I asked them to stop in the "mean it" voice. And maybe I've old-fashioned that I still have an honor code when it comes to mock fighting with your friends, but when some one says stop, and it's in that voice that drops an octave and several decibels LOUDER than previous stops, you know it's not funny to them anymore.

Had I posted about this on LJ, I can guarantee you there'd have been a very annoyed voicemail on my phone tomorrow.

So, Not sure how this is different than LJ but I intend to find out. Thanks ever so much to the loverly [profile] gipsy_dreamer  for the acess code to this place! Point me in the direction of any friends to make since you're currently my only one here on DW.



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